Friday, February 22, 2013

Basic necessities for your playa-tripping survival pack or tote

From: Burning Man Camping Hints and Tips

External Hang Tag with your name and camp location, as well as your home contact information, in case it gets separated from you (like an airport luggage tag)
Seriously, don't skip the hang tag: how many people have you talked to who lost their daypacks at Burning Man? It's a real bummer to lose your stuff! With contact information, you might get it back.

Water bottle(s) -- Never leave home without water!
A cup -- for partaking of offered beverages
Powerbar or some other non-meltable snack
Sunscreen, sunblock, lip balm
Sunglasses, eye drops
Flashlight, glow sticks (You might be gone longer than you think)
Long sleeved cotton shirt or jacket
Band-aids, moleskin, basic first aid, Swiss army pocket knife
Dust mask, handkerchief, dust scarf (see clothing section for dust scarf hint)
Pen, pencil, or marker, and paper (there are things to write on)
$10 for chai or latte at the cafe, or maybe you will want to buy ice on the way back to camp
Clean pair of sox (seriously)
Condoms and other such things? (Your scoutmaster would be impressed)
Small garbage bag (to corral your trash or pick up trash you see blowing around)
Mints or some such
Toothbrush and toothpaste (hygiene is so much fun!)

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